Alpha Air Filter/Regulator Manifold 1/2″ 53cfm


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In a proactive step for pneumatic tool longevity, Alpha® has created Filter/Regulator (F/R) manifold systems to help eliminate potential issues caused by rust or contamination in the pipes or connectors feeding the pneumatic tools. The Filter/Regulator also helps prevent pressure drops when using a large volume of air, so the pressure can be set on the tools at 85 PSI, while the main system can run at 125 PSI. The systems, which comes in two sizes (53 CFM & 106 CFM), consist of a Filter/Regulator with a shut off/dump valve, and an aluminum manifold with three or more aluminum quick disconnects. The Alpha® F/R Manifold System and is designed for installation at the point of use and is configured to adapt to the existing shop piping and increase the life of the tools. Keep your system clean and get the maximum performance from your pneumatic tools!


53 CFM 3/8″ Filter/Regulator Manifold System 1/2″ NPT Filter/Regulator, Relief Valve, Adapter Blocks, T-Clamps, Couplers & (3) 1/4” Female NPT Plugs

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 15 in


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